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Zojirushi Review: Travel Mug That Keeps Coffee TOO hot

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A travel mug is a trusted companion of every coffee lover because it allows you to enjoy your brew on-the-go. Using travel mugs rather than getting a takeaway coffee on your way to work is a sustainable approach that also helps to reduce the paper waste of disposable coffee cups.

With so many travel mugs on the market right now, it is hard to find one that would meet your expectations when it comes to maintaining hot coffee for hours.

Are you sick of the ones that have flimsy lids that are prone to spilling and disappoint you with a lukewarm liquid? Zojirushi promises to change this and provide impressive insulation properties that keep your coffee hot for the whole day.

We’ve reviewed Zojirushi travel mug to see how it performs so you know what you’re getting before buying one.

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Zojirushi Travel Mug

Zojirushi company from Japan that started as a manufacturer of glass-lined vacuum bottles in 1918. Since then, they’ve expanded and started producing travel mugs, as well as rice cookers and different kitchen appliances.

With their advanced technology, they’ve been setting a standard in vacuum-insulated systems. We will look at some of the main features of this travel mug for coffee.

Functionality: Unbeatable Insulation

Many travel mugs for coffee promise to keep your beverage hot for hours, but most of them fail to deliver. And nobody wants to be surprised with a cold liquid instead of a hot caffeinated hug.

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That’s why the incredible insulation properties of the Zojirushi mug are the main selling point since it keeps the coffee hot for over 6 hours! Some would even say that it performs too well since the coffee is still undrinkable and scalding hot even after two hours.

A possible solution would be to add a few ice cubes to the coffee when pouring it in. That would make it the perfect temperature for the first few hours. These properties make this a perfect travel mug for those who want to sip on the hot latte for the whole day at work. Very few competitors (if any) would match that performance.

You might have guessed it but since the Zojirushi can keep the liquid hot for hours, it has an exceptional performance in keeping your drink cold too. This is perfect for summer days, long hikes, or days out. And since it can hold a decent volume of liquid, rather than being just the size of a standard coffee mug, it can keep your water (or cold brew) fresh for the whole day. Just add a few ice cubes and you’re good to go.

Ease Of Use: Portable But Not Barista-Friendly

The Zojirushi mug is easy to use and drink from thanks to the spout with a wide-enough tight-fitting flip lid, and the sleek stainless steel design that makes the mug portable, comfortable to hold in one hand and travel-friendly. The mug is not dishwasher-safe but the non-stick design makes the inside easy to clean.

You might think that the Zojirushi travel mug could easily be used as a thermos since it can hold the liquid hot for hours. But when you try to pour your coffee into a regular mug, you find out that the spout isn’t big enough and pours very slowly. Of course, this is intentional, to prevent you from burning yourself with the hot liquid.

When comparing the Zojirushi to some of the other popular coffee cups, you cannot consider it barista-friendly. The mug is too big in volume, not standard-sized, and wouldn’t fit under the head of a commercial espresso machine. Therefore it is ideal for those who make their pour-over coffee at home for the whole day rather than get a takeaway.

Design: Sleek Quality

The company is known for using quality materials that are reflected in impressive insulating qualities of the mug. The outside is made out of stainless steel and offers a few color options to choose from. As mentioned, the inner surface has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean and stays odor-free, even when you put milky coffee in it.

Even though it is quite big and comes in 12oz or 16oz sizes, the lightweight design makes it easy to hold in one hand and as a bonus, it fits into most car cup holders. The construction of this mug has a compact design that takes up minimal space while maximizing capacity.

Lid: Advanced Technology

The tight-fitting is one of the key contributors to the fact that the travel mug can keep the coffee hot for so long. Made out of BPA-free plastic, the lid flips open by pressing a button on the top. And for a smoother flow of liquid, the lid has an air vent on the mouthpiece.

It also features a 2-step release that prevents messy splashes, which is appreciated since you don’t want to burn yourself with the scalding hot liquid. The lid is completely leak-proof, so you can throw it into your travel bag without worry.

Keep in mind that since the lid is not dishwasher-safe, you need to disassemble it and clean it manually after each use. The process is fairly straightforward but it adds a little inconvenience to everyday use. But it’s the price we’re willing to pay for its insulation properties.

Value For Money?

When it comes to the price, the Zojirushi mug is slightly more expensive than some of the other similar products, but let’s be honest, none of them have such superior insulating properties than this travel mug.

The exceptional performance comes from the extensive experience and history of producing vacuum insulated products that are traditionally high-quality. And since Zojirushi basically sets the standards for vacuum-sealed technology, if your main requirement in a travel mug is to keep the coffee hot, or cold, for hours, it is worth the price.

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Alternatives And Competitors

Are you not convinced by the Zojirushi travel mug? Do you want to know what else is out there? While Zojirushi is great for keeping the liquid hot, this might not be your priority when looking for the best travel mug.

If you’re planning on using your travel mug mostly for getting takeaway coffee on your way to work, look for other reusable cups that are standard barista-sized and would fit under the head of an espresso machine. Likewise, if you’re looking for a travel mug with a chic and stylish design, the Zojirushi might not be the best fit.

If this is the case, the most popular alternatives would be the KeepCup, the Joco reusable cup, or the W&P Porter Ceramic mug.

If you’re really struggling for time in the morning rush and you fancy not only drinking but also brewing on-the-go, have a look at the best French Press travel brewers.

Is Zojirushi Travel Mug For You?

We hope that our review made it clear whether the Zojirushi mug is something that you’re looking to add to the arsenal of your coffee accessories.

Our bottom line is that this travel mug is made for those who are getting one for the main purpose of keeping their favorite beverage hot (or cold) for hours and are sick of other brands that promise but fail to deliver that kind of performance.

The Zojirushi design is sleek, portable, and easy to use while the functional lid removes the worries about unwanted splashes and spillages. As long as you don’t mind that this is not the most-attractive reusable mug out there and won’t fit under a standard espresso machine, then the Zojirushi travel mug might be for you.

Stay caffeinated!

Zojirushi Review: Travel Mug That Keeps Coffee TOO hot

A trusted travel mug is always valuable to any coffee lover because you can take your brew on the go. Check out our review of the Zojirushi.

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