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Welcome, and thanks for your interest in partnering with Roasty Coffee! If you have a product that targets our users then partnering through a sponsorship opportunity with us could be a great fit.

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About Roasty Coffee

As one of the most visited and trusted coffee websites in the world, Roasty is the perfect place to promote your brand to our coffee-loving audience.

*And we’re adding on average about 100 more email subscribers per day!


Sponsor An Existing Article

Perhaps the most valuable real estate on Roasty Coffee is on our buying guides. These are articles such as our “Best French Press Coffee Maker” guide that people find when they are researching which product to buy.

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How Readers Find Roasty

90% of the time, people come to our site because they’ve searched Google for something specific like “what’s the best French Press?” and then they find a buying guide like we mentioned above.

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Promote Your Brand

Imagine if you had a Frech Press to sell, that you could put your logo on top of that page as the sponsor, include a link to your product in our featured promotion box, as well as a pop-up offer that would grab the attention of every visitor?

That’s pretty powerful, and it’s laser-focused on your ideal customer who has already been searching Google for recommendations on which product to buy.

Sponsor Existing Posts Price

Starting at $500 per Month

For the “all of the above” approach of your logo, callout box offer, and pop-up offer are now available as a monthly subscription

What You’ll Get

Feature your product on the articles your target customer is reading

Exclusive sponsorship – only one per page

Your logo displayed below the article title

Custom call to action pop-up that shows to every visitor

Custom call to action in the article’s call-out box

No long term commitment – month to month sponsorship

Perfect for new product launches and promotions

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Sponsored Review

You already know that your customer is searching Google for “YOUR PRODUCT reviews” before they decide to purchase…

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Our Product Review Process

At Roasty, we work with brands to do a sponsored review dedicated to your product. Our unbiased reviews include original, professional photography of your product in use and at least 1,000 words of content where we share your brand’s story and share an overview of your product as well as our first impressions after using it.

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Customers Are “Googling” Your Product

As for Google, we can’t promise that when people search “YOUR BRAND reviews” they’ll see Roasty #1, but based on our experience we generally end up as one of the top results for months and years to come. This is primarily because Roasty has been a reputable brand and source of coffee information for many years.

Sponsored Review Price

Just $1,500

For 1,000+ words of content where we share your brand’s story and share an overview of your product.

What You’ll Get

1,000+ word article that tells your story and reviews your product

Optimized for SEO to maximize the long term organic traffic

Professional, hands-on product photos to be used in our review

Post featured on our homepage (under our most recent posts)

Links to purchase your product on Amazon and/or your website

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Sponsored Emails

Through our email capture efforts, we bring in about 100 new email subscribers per day.

Once someone subscribes, we send them an automated sequence of emails over the course of several months that offer a mix of informational content, like “how to make better coffee” as well as offers for products and services we recommend.

On occasion, we also send “blast” emails to our list to promote special offers or make time-sensitive announcements.

2 Ways of working with Roasty’s email subscribers

Option One

Just $199 Per Month

A dedicated, ongoing email in our auto-responder series. This means as new subscribers roll in, they’ll see a sponsored email from you on auto-pilot for as long as you’d like. This is a great fit for an “evergreen” offer or product promotion that you’d like to drip feed to our subscribers.

What You’ll Get

A customizable email message added to our automated email series

Get your message in front of our new email subscribers*

Perfect for an evergreen offer (not ideal for limited-time offers

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*And we’re adding on average about 100 more email subscribers per day!

Option TWO


A single, blast email to our entire audience of subscribers. This is a one-time send and can be customized to fit your promotion schedule. You can provide the copy, and we’ll send out your offer to our entire list at one time.

What You’ll Get

A customizable, one-time message

Blasted out to our entire list of email subscribers

Perfect for product launches and special offers

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Have Other Ideas?

These are the most common and effective ways we’ve found to work with coffee brands, but we’re nothing if we’re not open-minded.

If you’ve got an idea for something outside the box, feel free to reach out to us and we’d be happy to consider it.

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