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The 4 Best USA-Made French Presses: Quality and Durability

One of America’s favorite coffee brewers is the French Press – a simple, straightforward immersion blender. But why is it so impossible to find one made in the US? Learn why and get our top four American-based French Press designs!

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We are big fans of brewing with a French Press here at Roasty. This style of brewer is simple in operation and is an easy and quick brew. French Presses make thick, rich, and mouthy coffee that has its own unique taste and feel.

However, we have yet to find a French Press brewer that is American-made and manufactured. For some coffee lovers and consumers, buying American-made products is a top priority, and this is often a disappointing reality check when looking for a French Press.

At a Glance: Best USA-Made French Presses

We wanted to highlight why this shortage exists and help explain where most companies outsource their manufacturing and why.

We will then leave you with some of our favorite brands who are transparent about where their products are manufactured and why we love them!

USA Made French Press

Quick Summary: Best USA-Made French Presses

rc2-table__imageThe American Press
  • Enhanced Coffee Experience
  • Convenient and Spill-Free
  • Eco-friendly and Easy to Clean
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rc2-table__imageGood Citizens Coffee Co. French Press
  • Durable and Elegant Design
  • Improved Coffee Taste and Temperature Retention
  • Environmentally Friendly Brewing Method
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rc2-table__imageESPRO French Press
  • Grit-Free Coffee Taste
  • Quick and Easy Brewing Process
  • Durable and Eco-friendly Materials Used
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rc2-table__imageFellow French Press
  • Optimal Temperature for Extraction
  • Keeps Coffee Hot for Multiple Cups
  • Easy to Use and Clean With Durable Design
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Is It Really “Made in the USA”?

If you search “American-made French Press” on Amazon or even Google, you will have a host of options pop up, all claiming to be American-made. Although this is not entirely untrue, it is certainly misleading.

Many companies will specifically design and create coffee brewers of any type with American coffee consumers in mind. America’s addiction to coffee has drastically shaped the coffee industry and has impacted coffee communities worldwide.

So when products are advertised as American, it often means that the company is either an American-based company or the product was designed for American consumers specifically.

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However, the majority of manufacturers who actually build the products are, more often than not, sourced from China.

Why Outsource?

The short answer is – it’s cheaper. For a longer, in-depth look at why China is the powerhouse manufacturer of our time, we suggest doing a read-up from economic experts over at Forbes. After all, we are coffee experts here, and we stay in our lane!

But in short, labor and parts are significantly cheaper when outsourced through China. This means that the vast majority of things you buy are manufactured in China – coffee gear and brewers included!

However, many reputable coffee companies will oversee that their products are being made ethically and fairly, ensuring that workers are being paid a livable wage and without exploitation.

Being made in China does not automatically mean that the product is cheaply made or done in a way that harms workers, but it does help the cost to consumers remain low and competitive with other brands.

Our Top 4 Favorite American-Based Brands

There are plenty of great coffee companies out there that are making high-quality products that will last you a long time. We’ve gone ahead and found five of our top favorite USA-based companies that designed and created French Presses right here in America.

Even though these companies outsource their manufacturing to China, Portugal, or other countries, these are American companies and American designs.


The American Press
The American Press
Our rating:

Put a little magic back in your mornings with hand-pressed coffee from an American Press coffee (and tea!) brewer. Watch a column of water disappear and transform into a floating column of coffee as you press.

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A French Press designed by and for Americans, The American Press is its own unique spin on the classic French Press style brewer.

Being an immersion brewer, The American Press also uses an espresso brewing style to utilize pressure during the brewing process, creating quick and mess-free cups of coffee.

Although this isn’t quite a French Press, we love how innovative this idea is and how it is marketed for the average American coffee enthusiast.

Although manufactured in China, the American Press is as American as it comes. The company, design, and product are all based in America.

Good Citizens Coffee Co. French Press

Good Citizens Coffee Co. French Press
Good Citizens Coffee Co. French Press
Our rating:

This beautiful 34 oz. Stainless Steel French Press in Sage is made out of durable stainless steel and features a walnut handle and knob. Its fine mesh screen makes great tasting coffee, while the stainless carafe helps keep coffee warm for longer.

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Founded and based in Nashville, TN, Good Citizens is dedicated to creating a coffee brand and lifestyle that is beneficial for all – consumers, the environment, and the people and places involved in the process.

Good Citizens’ values are: Equality & Quality, Common Good, Transparency & Honesty, Kindness & Optimism, Grace & Consideration, and Community & Inclusivity. This is true from the coffee beans they roast to their own French Press design.

Their stainless steel French Press is a beautiful and classic design that comes in Sage green with a walnut handle and knob. It is based on a traditional French Press immersion design that filters out your grinds by pressing the filters down through the brewed coffee.

Espro French Press

ESPRO French Press
ESPRO French Press
Our rating:

Discovering your new favorite way to start the day has never been easier than with our P3 French Press. You’ll find yourself taking back your mornings and developing a delicious new passion as you watch the French pressing magic through the thick, durable glass walls of our P3 French Press.

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Started by two engineers and based in Wisconsin, Espro takes traditional coffee brewer designs, like the French Press, and introduces their own modern, innovative, and durable design to create their own unique product.

Espro’s French Press is truly like no other, having a two-basket filter system that allows for maximum coffee extraction, but filters out all the grinds.

If you like the traditional mouthy feel of loose grinds in your coffee, then this might not be the best pick for you. But if you desire all the perks of immersion brewing, minus the grinds that slip through, then this is the perfect French Press for you.

Not only does it keep grinds out of your morning joe, but it also makes this French Press easy to clean and reuse, again and again.

Fellow French Press

Fellow French Press
Fellow French Press
Our rating:

Clara’s unique vacuum-insulated walls maintain the ideal brewing temperature for optimal extraction and keep your coffee hot for your second and third cups, while the enhanced mesh filtration makes them taste as smooth and silt-free as the first.

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Fellow has made quite a name for itself in the coffee gear world. Founded and based in the Bay Area, Fellow has tried their hand at recreating most coffee products and has been quite successful.

From their fantastic gooseneck kettle to their well-known coffee grinders, Fellow does not disappoint with their own take on the French Press – Clara.

Coming in a Matte Black and walnut combo, the vacuum seal brewer keeps your delicious coffee warm for longer while also filtering out grinds with its enhanced mesh filtration system.

Clara was awarded the 2022 Best New Product from the Specialty Coffee Association, and rightfully so. This French Press is a high-quality product that certainly won’t disappoint.

In Conclusion

There are so many great French Press designs out there that you can enjoy and which give you peace of mind, knowing where they are designed, who is getting your money, and having full transparency in where they are manufactured.

The world is oh-so-big, while also being oh-so-small, and it’s full of many communities committed to equity and sustainability that are putting in the work to keep it turning. We hope this shopping guide helps you buy confidently as you get your next American-designed French Press.

Happy Caffeinating!

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