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Discover 4 Quiet Espresso Machines: Near-Silent Brewing

Finding a quiet espresso machine with all your ideal features might feel impossible, but it isn’t. Consider these four quiet espresso machine options for your next splurge!

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Whether it’s for a busy office or for your partner who is an early bird, there are many perks to finding a quiet or near-silent espresso machine to brew your cup of coffee.

At a Glance: Quiet Espresso Machines

Having less noise involved throughout the brewing process can help ease anxiety and tension for users, while also creating a calmer atmosphere. Check out these four espresso machines that are all quiet or near silent.

Quiet Espresso Machines

Quick Summary: Quiet Espresso Machines

Flair Espresso Maker - Classic: All Manual Lever Espresso Maker for The Home - Portable and Non-ElectricFlair Espresso Maker
  • Manual Espresso Machine
  • Silent While Brewing
  • Easily Transportable
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Miele NEW CM 5510 Silence Automatic Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Combo, Rose Gold Pearl Finish - Grinder, Milk Frother, 1.3LMiele Silence
  • Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Very Quiet Grinder
  • Variety of Drinks
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FVLFIL La Spaziale Vivaldi II Dual Boiler BLACK Espresso MachineLa Spaziale Vivaldi II
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Plumbable
  • Rotary Pump
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Nespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi with Milk Frother, Aluminum, 34 ouncesNespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine
  • One Touch Espresso
  • Near Silent brewing
  • Rapid Warm Up and Automatic Shutoff
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Our Top 4 Picks for Quiet Espresso Machines

We have reviewed four of the quietest espresso machines from each category of machine: manual, super-automatic, semi-automatic, and pod espresso machines.

Each style has its unique features and functions, but each is very quiet and great for smaller spaces.

Top Pick for Quiet Manual Espresso Machine – Flair

The Flair is a silent, manual espresso machine that is perfect for the espresso purest. If you don’t mind putting a little work into each shot, this is a fantastic choice for you.

FLAIR ESPRESSO Handcrafted espresso

You can check out our full, in-depth review of the Classic Flair here, but some of the highlights of this machine are:

  • Completely silent
  • Makes incredibly good quality espresso
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easily moveable and travel friendly
  • Did we mention it’s completely silent?

However, the Flair might not be for everyone as it does have limited brewing capabilities. Some things to consider before buying:

  • Fully manual – requires effort and strength from you to lower the lever to extract your espresso.
  • Only brews espresso – there is no steamer attached, limiting the drinks to strictly espresso shots.
  • Requires a bit of learning and espresso knowledge to operate.

The Flair is perfect for the espresso enthusiast who loves controlling every aspect of their shots and doesn’t mind putting effort in with each shot.

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Top Pick for Quiet Super-Automatic Espresso Machine – Miele Silence

On Sale

As hands-on as the Flair is, the Miele Silence is the polar opposite. With just a touch of a button, you have a plethora of espresso drinks to choose from that will be prepared in almost no time.

With a built-in grinder and milk-steaming abilities, the Miele Silence can make you just about any espresso drink you’d like. There are so many great perks to this super-automatic espresso machine:

  • Needs very little prep work and any level of coffee consumer can easily operate without extensive knowledge.
  • Programmable cleaning features (only descaling needs to be done manually),
  • Uses fresh coffee beans and grinds fresh for each drink, providing the highest quality espresso.
  • Very customizable and saves custom drink settings for ease of use with each drink.

If you like having a wide range of drinks available to you, from espresso to drip coffee to just simply steamed milk, then this is an excellent choice for you. Daily maintenance is very low effort, only needing the water reservoir and beans refilled when low.

Some things to consider before taking the plunge:

  • Not completely silent. Although this machine is incredibly quiet compared to most fully automatic machines, it is not silent. With a grinder being incorporated, it’s really impossible to get a silent fully-automatic espresso machine. However, this is one of the quietest fully-automatic espresso machines on the market.
  • High-end price tag – although very worth every penny, this is a much higher-budget espresso machine
  • Not plumbable – the water reservoir can hold 1.3 L which can make a few drinks before needing to be refilled.

The Miele is an excellent choice for the coffee lover who wants the least amount of effort but high-quality drinks.

Top Pick for Quiet Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine – La Spaziale Vivaldi II

For the espresso enthusiast who enjoys brewing their own espresso drinks and being able to tinker with each aspect, this is a fantastic choice for you.

The Vivaldi II is a gorgeous semi-automatic espresso machine that is as quiet as they come. Being plumbable makes it easier to use and creates high-quality espresso and steamed milk. Other highlights we love:

  • Long lifespan – with proper maintenance and cleaning, this espresso machine will last you years, maybe even decades.
  • Very quiet performance and brewing.
  • Small size compared to most prosumer espresso machines.

The Vivaldi II is certainly worth the money, but it is quite a financial investment. So be sure to consider these drawbacks before purchasing:

  • No grinder included – this would be a separate purchase and may offset the quiet use of the Vivaldi II.
  • Not easily moveable – although it is a smaller-sized prosumer espresso machine, it is solid and meant to stay put once plumbed.

The Vivaldi II is the perfect espresso machine for the at-home barista who wants a professional feeling machine that will last for years.

Top Pick for Quiet Pod Espresso Machine – Nespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine

On Sale

If you are the type of espresso drinker who doesn’t mind your espresso coming from a pod, then check out De’Longhi’s Nespresso Pixie. This compact design is one of the quietest pod espresso machines on the market, making only a slight buzzing noise while brewing.

Nespresso Pixie High-pressure pump

Here are some of the highlights of this great machine:

  • Near silent brewing.
  • Bundles with a good quality milk frother to provide a variety of different drinks.
  • Incredibly easy interface to navigate, which makes this great for the casual coffee consumer.
  • Very fast brewing and heat-up times with energy-saving automatic shut-off after being inactive for 9 minutes.
  • Very small and compact size.
Nespresso Pixie Empty water tank alert

Although nothing quite beats freshly ground espresso beans, for pod brewing, Nespresso really does provide good quality brews. Of course, every machine has its drawbacks too:

  • Only takes Nespresso pods and is not compatible with other pod types.
  • The compact size means a small water reservoir, requiring more frequent filling.

The Nespresso Pixie is an excellent option for users who want quick, tasty coffee and espresso drinks without all the fuss and flair of a more traditional espresso machine.

What To Expect From a Quiet Espresso Machine

Having a quiet or silent espresso machine can be beneficial for a variety of reasons, but there are some considerations coffee enthusiasts should be aware of when looking for the right machine for them.

Quietness vs. Quality

The first thing to point out is that the grinding aspect of making espresso is what’s really the source of most of the noise from your espresso machine.

Espresso really does need to be made with freshly ground beans in order to get the full, robust, crema-topped espresso you are looking for.

The Nespresso Pixie is the quietest coffee maker available from our recommendation list above, but note that the coffee pods are not freshly ground beans. For the espresso enthusiast, this will be a very disappointing espresso.

Fully-Automatic machines have the grinder incorporated into the espresso machine which does help dampen the sound of the grinder, but it certainly isn’t silent.

A manual espresso maker, like the Flair or even an AeroPress, is silent while brewing, but needs to be paired with a grinder for the best quality, which will add noise to the brewing process.

Semi-Automatics like the Vivaldi II can range in noise level, depending on the type of pump and material used. The Vivaldi II is quiet, both with brewing and frothing milk, but also needs a grinder for quality espresso.

Rotary vs. Vibration Pump

The biggest noise maker within a semi or fully-automatic espresso machine comes from the pump that pressurizes the water.

There are two types of pumps generally used within these styles of espresso machines – rotary or vibration pump.

As the name implies, a vibration pump will vibrate while in use, creating a much higher sound level compared to a rotary pump. Vibration pumps are cheaper to make and are often found in lower-quality espresso machines.

Although a rotary pump won’t be 100% silent, they emit much less sound and are more effective in providing consistent pressure. Both the Vivaldi II and Miele utilize rotary pumps which contribute to their lower noise levels.

Milk Steamers

Another source of noise will be the steamers used. Having a high pressurized steamer will help cut back on noise levels, which is best achieved with a duel boiler espresso machine.

The noise level for steaming can also be due to the technique being used and the type of milk. Whole milk can easily be steamed properly without anything more than a low hiss. If you get a pig-like squeal, you need to adjust your technique and use less air.

Thicker liquids, like hot chocolate or alternative kinds of milk, may also increase noise levels, creating a deep, low growl. This is to be expected.


This buying guide is a great jumping-off point for finding the best quiet espresso machine for you. We’ll answer any last, lingering questions that coffee drinkers might have.

Are All Espresso Machines Loud?

Most espresso machines will have some level of minimal noise when in use. From the pump to the steamer, there are several moving parts that create slight noises. Manual espresso machines are the quietest, but the real source of noise comes when grinding your beans fresh. Finding a silent grinder is impossible.

Why Do Coffee Machines Make So Much Noise?

Most coffee machines, of any style, are going to make noise. After all, you are heating water and creating different pressure points – all things that create some level of noise.

How Loud Is an Espresso Machine?

Depending on the style of the espresso machine, you can expect a noise level ranging anywhere from 66 dB to 70 dB. Anything under 65 dB is considered a “silent” type of coffee machine, even if they are not, in fact, silent.

Happy Caffeinating!

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